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I Run Tons

Training Groups

These dynamic group training sessions offer direct contact with your run coach in a supportive and effectively challenging track and or hill style workouts designed to improve speed, endurance and efficiency. Each athlete is given goal times based on his or her body's individual physiology.

Women's Group Run Track Workouts

Wednesday 5:45-7am, Friday 5:45-7:00am at Catonsville High School
$160 for an eight week, one session per week package
$320 for an eight week, two sessions per week package
Pre-registration is required, please email Coach@IRunTons.com for more information.

Elite Youth Run Team

Monday 4:30-5:30pm at Catonsville High School

I gained so much from my 10 sessions with Coach that I will use every time I go out and run! She has prepared me so much for my college lacrosse career in many ways; from fixing my running form, giving nutrition advice, showing me important stretches, and basically answering all of the questions I ever had about running! I really looked forward to going to my sessions because every time I left I learned something new and walked away feeling more confident about running than before.

Deb Milani
Division I College Lacrosse National Champion
College Park, Maryland