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Run Training Plans

This elevated three month training plan designed for novice, intermediate or advanced athletes gives you all the information you need to make it to, and through, race day feeling strong, confident and capable.

Plan includes:
  • Outlines exactly what your individual workout is for each day of the week using time, mileage and perceived exertion measures
  • Provided in calendar format using the online coaching communication site Final Surge
  • Drills to improve body mechanic efficient patterns
  • Designed to include training tapers built around your personal race schedule
  • Motivational quotes and story links to enhance your training experience

3 month plan / $150

Coach whipped me into wedding shape in just a few short weeks. (That's right, men want to look good for their weddings too) As a non-runner for the first 29 years of my life I didn't know where to start, so I asked the most fit person I know. Her detailed program challenged me but also kept me motivated. I ran my first 5K in the spring when I could barely run a mile before! Great way to get started and improve you life and health overall.

New York, New York