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I Run Tons

The Power of Connection

At IRunTons we believe in the power of connection. Connecting with your coach while also connecting your mind and body with purposeful, innovative training methods is what establishes the foundation for optimal training and badass racing performances.

Photo credit: Rachel Link

Badass • (adjective)

Distinctively tough and powerful; so exceptional as to be intimidating inspiring.

At IRunTons we believe that everyone has an inner badass. For some people it may be buried deep beneath piles of laundry, work reports, children's science fair projects or low self-esteem, but it's in there, and we strive to help you find it through your training.

My name is Sandra Gallagher-Mohler, and 20 years after catching the 'running bug', as a competitive runner and triathlete I am now able to comfortably admit that I am addicted to running. 20 years is a long time to be in a relationship with running. We've had our ups and downs, and I've even broken up with it a few times, swearing that I was "done! and would never again lace up my spikes", but...I always came back, knowing that I am a better person as a runner than not.

I gained so much from my 10 sessions with Coach that I will use every time I go out and run! She has prepared me so much for my college lacrosse career in many ways; from fixing my running form, giving nutrition advice, showing me important stretches, and basically answering all of the questions I ever had about running! I really looked forward to going to my sessions because every time I left I learned something new and walked away feeling more confident about running than before.

Deb Milani
Division I College Lacrosse National Champion
College Park, Maryland