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I Run Tons

Mental Strength Training

The same way that our body's develop patterns, so do our brains, and it's these patterns that either contribute to or hinder our athletic performance. Our mental strength training sessions are designed to help you uncover the negative belief patterns that are holding your body back from feeling and performing at its best.

These 60 minute in person or telecommute sessions include:

  • Specific scaffolding questioning designed to help you uncover the layers of your belief patterns
  • Body awareness and mindfulness instruction to connect your brain and body in the ways that help you perform at your best
  • Goal setting and planning
  • Active relaxation and anxiety reduction techniques to allow the right 'blinders' to come on and the wrong ones to come off


60 minute session / $100


Please inquire for rates. Coach@IRunTons.com

I gained so much from my 10 sessions with Coach that I will use every time I go out and run! She has prepared me so much for my college lacrosse career in many ways; from fixing my running form, giving nutrition advice, showing me important stretches, and basically answering all of the questions I ever had about running! I really looked forward to going to my sessions because every time I left I learned something new and walked away feeling more confident about running than before.

Deb Milani
Division I College Lacrosse National Champion
College Park, Maryland