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Custom Run/Triathlon Coaching

Basic Package

Training for run competitions entails much more than simply going on a run several days a week. To truly reach your full potential requires attention to mileage, heart rate zones, strength training and dietary needs. Sound overwhelming? We can help! Let our run coaching staff take all the guess work out of your training with our 100% customized daily training plans and full access coaching package. This package gives you full access to USA Track and Field, USA Triathlon and ACE Personal Training certified coaching, not merely a training plan. Your coach will help you to navigate your daily training plan while supporting your physical, mental and motivational training needs. Each training plan is designed precisely for you, with your goals, needs and lifestyle demands in mind. Running farther or harder isn't always the answer. Our run coach will help you find the plan that's right for you.

Plan includes:
  • Outlines exactly what your individual workout is for each day of the week using time, mileage, heart rate and perceived exertion measures built around your body's specific physiological needs, all geared towards your specific race goals
  • Mental strength training 'workouts' to optimize your training and racing experiences and performance
  • Nutritional counseling to help power your workouts
  • Weekly direct text, phone and or email contact with your coach to discuss training or racing needs
  • Weekly goals to keep your training focused and purposeful
  • Provided in calendar format using the online coaching communication site Final Surge
  • Drills to improve body mechanic efficient patterns
  • Incorporates strength training sessions to give your body the best foundation for injury prevention and power production
  • Designed to include training tapers built around your personal race schedule
  • Motivational quotes and story links to enhance your training experience
  • Discounted rates on one-on-one personal training sessions at the Under Armour Performance Center with your coach


Individual Run

Customized Run Plan + Full Access Coaching / $150 a month

Individual Triathlon

Customized Triathlon Plan + Full Access Coaching / $250 a month

THANK YOU-SO MUCH for an awesome week. The kids are loving what they learned at Running Camp and are excited to do a race in the near future- still searching for one. Before camp I had gotten them all stop watches and I think the boys have worn theirs to bed each night- it is awesome!! I loved how well rounded the class was- learning about nutrition and the physical part-also the fact that it could include all three of my children was wonderful!! I just wanted to let you know that you made a difference last week in their lives and hopefully for years to come. I know it motivates me and it just may have motivated my husband. I am trying to talk him into a half marathon in March 2012 in Florida. Time will tell. Hopefully we'll see you at the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot!!

Baltimore, Maryland